Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 traits of a good job

Here are 6 traits you need to look for in the good job. Just like employers interview employees, the employees should also interview their employer before taking up a job offer:
1) First Class Boss: Everyone's got a boss. The first and foremost thing one should look on a job offer is their boss. This should be one's motivation to work in the first place. The Boss should trust the employee and the employee should trust the Boss. The boss should also demonstrate good qualities of a leader because only if the boss is a great leader, employees can grow!

2) Knowledgeable Mentor: Sometimes, mentor and boss are the same and sometimes they are not. The mentor is someone who is a good teacher.

3) Friendly Peers: This is what will motivate you to go to work every day. These are people who we hang out (work) with daily. Trust is an important factor here. You should also look forward to be learning from your peers and your peers should be learning something from you. Your peers should respect you and you should respect them. Your peers at work should be really your friends and your team should be like your family.

4) Work Fitting in the big picture: This is the work you do on a daily basis for which you get paid $$$$s. What is the big picture and how well the daily tasks fit in your overall career strategy or passion.

5) Work life Balance: Life without balance is just like a machine.. After all why do we work? To live a better life.. So if there is no time for fun, whats the point of working. Hence, work life balance is very important.

6) Stability in Organization: If your company is on the verge of bankruptcy, then you are better off looking for another job... Again this comment should be taken with a grain of salt. Your boss,mentors,peers and work play a major part here. More than these, its your loyalty which plays a bigger part.

Bottom line, you should love what you do. It should be more than just for money and it should fit in your overall agenda in life.

Feel free to post your comments on the above thoughts...

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